Taps and Toilets

We are licensed and experienced to help you with taps and toilets at your home or business.

Homes can have a variety of different types of taps and styles, though you can trust that we are experienced in handling all types of taps repairs.

Leaking Taps

If you have a leaking tap keeping you up at night, contact All Elements Plumbing & Gas to repair and service your tap.
Leaking taps can be caused by:
  • High water pressure
  • A damaged seat or washer
We can help with repairs to:
  • Leaking taps
  • Taps not shutting off properly
  • Taps not opening fully
  • Taps that have become too difficult to turn
  • Water hammer
local plumber checks sink faucet
Leaking taps can end up costing you more, therefore contact us today to help with your leaking taps.
local plumber checks broken sink

New Taps

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen, bathroom or laundry a facelift by replacing the taps, we can help.

We can help with the installation of the different styles of taps depending on what you would like at your home or business.

We can help you install:
  • Mixer taps
  • Half-turn and quarter-turn taps
  • Three piece basin sets
  • Wall-mounted taps
  • Sensor Taps
  • Zip/Billie Unit Taps


There can be several issues with your toilet and sometimes its hard to know where to start with getting the problem fixed.
We are experienced to help you with:
  • Leaking toilets
  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilets that are not flushing correctly
  • Cracked toilet
  • Cistern not filling properly
Any number of these problems can create a problem for the homeowner.
local plumber checks toilet flush

We are experienced in handling all types of toilet plumbing and repairs at your home or business.

Not only can we help you with repairs to your toilet, we can also help with replacing the toilet for something more modern or more water saving. As part of our service, we will have a look at your toilet and investigate the best option for you on whether the toilet can be repaired or replaced. We will always communicate this with you and provide you with the reasons why.
toilet background

There are a large variety of toilets available, and we would be happy to help you with installing a new toilet. It is important to note that not all toilets are designed the same and the toilet you may like, may be different to what you have currently installed.

We will talk through the best options with you and help you make an informed decision.
All Elements Plumbing & Gas can repair and replace your toilet to ensure minimal disruption at your home or business. We are experienced in the installation and repair of all types of toilets and cisterns.

24/7 Emergency Service

For when things don’t go to plan

All Elements Plumbing & Gas offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing and gas service and are available and here to help you when you need it most.
We’re here for you when:
  • DIY doesn’t go to plan
  • Water leaks
  • That blocked drain gets worse overnight
  • The hot water service blows
  • Your gas has been turned off because of a leak
  • The tap won’t turn off