Hydrojet Drain Cleaning & CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Friendly Plumbers working with you to get your drains sorted

Being local Plumbers, we are never too far away to help get you out of a tricky situation like a blocked drain that needs to resolved fairly quickly.

Having the right equipment to sort out a blocked drain is important to ensure the blockage can be cleared and managed effectively.

When a blocked drain isn’t responding to drain chemicals, a plunger or the traditional drain machine “snake”, it may be time to consider taking advantage of our hydrojet drain cleaning machine. Not only can it clear typical blockages you may find in either a sewer or stormwater drain, it can get through grease and fat, limescale, debris, tree roots, wipes, toilet paper and toys.

Hydrojetting is quickly replacing the traditional drain machine “snake” as it is quicker and the most effective way to clean your drains, especially for those tougher blockages.

The Hydrojet Drain Cleaning machine can be used on both sewer and stormwater drain pipes. It is gentler on PVC pipes or pipes that are older. The Hydrojet Drain Cleaning machine can also be used down drains that have been pipe relined.

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For Hydrojet Drain Cleaning services, reach out to us today so we can help you.
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What is Hydrojet Drain Cleaning:

The Hydrojet Drain Cleaning machine operates differently to a traditional drain machine “snake”, where it uses high pressurised hoses with a variety of nozzle attachments powered by either a petrol or electric motor that pumps pressurised water into your drain. The different nozzles powerfully cut their way through any blockages in the drain, removing the problem causing the blocked drain.

Benefits of a Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Machine

  • It’s gentle on your pipes and can be used on both stormwater and sewer pipes as well as drains that have been pipe relined.
  • It doesn’t use any chemicals to assist with blockages, it’s just water!
  • The hydrojet is quicker to use and can get your drains cleared more efficiently.
  • The reels can extend up to 60 metres and access most drains.
  • Blocked drains are less frequent as the Hydrojet Drain Machine high pressure system blasts the blockage.
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Why should I ask for a Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Machine instead of a Drain Machine “snake”

  • The traditional drain machine “snake” is a lower cost for the equipment use, however can take twice as long for a Plumber to clear your blockage compared to a Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Machine.
  • The drain machine “snake” is designed using a cable that is run down the drain and picks up any blockages on this cable. However, this can still leave behind debris in your drain.
  • The Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Machine not only clears the blockage in your drain, it also gives it a clean out with the pressurised water.
hot water tank outside bricked way

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection Adelaide

All Elements Plumbing & Gas have the right equipment, experience and know-how to get your drains sorted. We specialise in blocked drains and have the latest equipment available to sort out your drain problems.

Blocked drains in your home or business is a continuous problem for many Adelaide properties and you are not alone. Blocked drains can be caused by grease and fat, limescale, debris, tree roots, wipes, toilet paper, and toys.

Sometimes a blocked drain can be caused by a break on the pipe which debris continually gets caught on causing nothing but problems. These types of blockages can sometimes be managed by regular 12 monthly drain cleaning or needs to be dug up and repaired.

For CCTV Drain Camera Inspection services, reach out to us today so we can help you.

How can we tell you if you have a break in your pipe?

All Elements Plumbing & Gas have the right equipment to help get a blocked drain sorted, we own a CCTV Drain Camera that can inspect your pipes for any breakages in the pipe or investigate further why the drain is always blocked.

The CCTV Drain Camera provides us with an inside look into the pipe at what is going on to help you make an informed decision on the next steps with managing the blocked drain problem with recommendations from our qualified and experienced Plumbers.

The CCTV drain camera is a camera that is attached to a reel that can access most drains internally. This camera head can be located with our locating device. This device can tell us how deep the pipe is and what the direction the pipe is going in. This helps us pinpoint the exact location if the blockage or breakage in the pipe.

The CCTV Drain Camera allows the footage to be saved on a USB and a copy of this is always provided to you. It is recommended to always ask for a copy of the footage to have on for your own records.


24/7 Emergency Service

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All Elements Plumbing & Gas offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing and gas service and are available and here to help you when you need it most.
We’re here for you when:
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  • Water leaks
  • That blocked drain gets worse overnight
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