Gas Fitting

We are your local gas fitting experts,
here to help.

All Elements Plumbing & Gas are licensed and experienced gas fitters who can help you with
any gas works in your home or business.

We can help with:

  • Gas emergencies
  • Gas leaks and safety checks
  • New gas appliance installs
  • Gas pipes repairs and replacements
  • LPG and natural gas conversions
  • Repairs and replacements of gas appliances
  • Gas Hot Water services
  • Servicing of gas heaters (all makes and models)
  • Repairs to gas heaters (all makes and models)
local gas fitting professional checks gas range
When it’s cold and your gas heater isn’t working, we have the experience to help you. We can help with diagnosing the problem and undertaking the repairs to the gas heater to get you warm again.
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Gas Leaks

Natural gas doesn’t smell. An odour is put into natural gas so we can smell it. This was a result a of building exploding in the early 1900’s as a result of a gas leak.
Why risk it?

If you can smell gas, don’t risk it. Gas leaks are dangerous and potentially deadly. It will cost you money to repair, but it could cost you a whole lot more if you don’t repair it.

We have the right equipment to detect gas leaks and help keep your home and family safe.

Gas Appliances

What is it?
A gas appliance is an appliance that you use to have access to gas, like a gas cooktop.

If you are noticing your gas appliances not working properly, there could be a problem and we can help.

white, clean gas range

Testing the gas service and why

To be a licensed gas fitter, we are regulated by the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) to ensure any gas works completed are sound and issue a electronic certificate of compliance (eCoC) at completion of the job.

We do things properly. We don’t take short cuts and will follow the legislative requirements to ensure your family and property is safe. We are required by law to test your gas service before doing any new gas works, as is every licensed gas fitter. The gas service must be sound, this means no leaks on the gas service and if there is a leak, this is required to be repaired before any further works can commence.

If we don’t repair the leak because you ask us not too, we have to turn the gas off to the property and issue the OTR with a eCoC. The OTR will then be in touch with you as you’re not only affecting your own property but also neighbouring properties and families too.


We Are Here To Help

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Blocked Drains

We can help you with a blocked drain before it becomes worse. We have the right equipment to help you get out of a smelly situation.

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Hot Water

We are licensed and experienced to repair and install all makes and brands of hot water services.

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Gas Fitting

All Elements Plumbing & Gas are licensed and experienced gas fitters who can help you with any gas works in your home or business.

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Taps & Toilets

We can help with the installation of the different styles of taps depending on what you would like at your home or business


If you suspect you have a gas leak

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24/7 Emergency Service

For when things don’t go to plan

All Elements Plumbing & Gas offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing and gas service and are available and here to help you when you need it most.
We’re here for you when:
  • DIY doesn’t go to plan
  • Water leaks
  • That blocked drain gets worse overnight
  • The hot water service blows
  • Your gas has been turned off because of a leak
  • The tap won’t turn off